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My big boy!!! Already 5months today😊 Months are going by too fast!
•Loves to Roll Over
•Loves Gerber
•First Tooth already 👄
How I love my son👶💞
Starbucks coffee with the girls and baby😘💞 @papash23 @alex02lac @susyq114 #Anahiers (at Starbucks)
Earlier today! Getting back at it. Slowly but surely. Walks with my babe @cripple209 , baby and Molly👫👶🐶

A little clip of Baby Nathaniel rolling over At 4months so proud😊 My Everything😘👶 @cripple209

😘❤ #CollegeLife Waiting for class to start

Got nominated for the #ALSIceChallenge by @brandonlb209 Nominated @alex02lac @pjc2612 @jackie_r1124 @karren293 @miguelc1022 Got 24 hours to do it or Have to donate $100 to the ALS charity

So happy to say this!!! #ProudParents Proud of my baby 😊 @cripple209
Sweet little man your mommy&#8217;s pride &amp; joy, your beautiful little face lights up my world. I will watch over you while you are sleeping and protect you from all harm. I know my purpose in life was to have you &amp; hold you in my arms, to love you forever and kiss you from head to toe, to be your mommy and watch you grow.💙👶
#FlashBackFriday with my lovely sisters!💞👩👩👩👩 Miss my prego belly lol. We have that hate and love relationship. No one can understand us but us haha. Love you sister and thank you for everything you do for me and #BabyNathanielDeLaCruz